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Tore Solinas ToreSolinas Trekking Guide

Tore was born and lives in the Sardinian mountain town of Oliena, he is a fully qualified local trekking guide.

He is passionate about his local mountains and the depth of his knowledge is engaging and inspiring. He will lead you safely along ancient paths and hidden shepherds passages through this beautiful and wild landscape; generously sharing his knowledge of the local flora and fauna; from remote spots where rare indigenous orchids grow, to fascinating geological formations and archaeological sites rich in human history.

His warmth and depth of character will win you over from the very first day. His positivity and humour adds greatly to the enjoyment of any day spent in his company. There is never a low moment with Tore, and if you find your energy sagging a little you can be assured that some delicious Sardinian specialty will appear from his rucksack at just the right moment to buoy up your spirits!

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