Coast to Coast Expedition

Embark on an incredible journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Climb volcanoes, swim in beautiful canyons, explore remote jungles and make a positive impact on the places you visit and the people you meet.

Cost TBC

Max team size 8

What is an expedition?

An inversion expedition is an adventure - a journey with an unknowable outcome.  Nonetheless, it is a journey with a purpose, a goal, an objective.  Along the way we’ll work with NGOs on local, sustainable projects.  The exact nature of that work is determined by the skills and experience of the team and, crucially, the current need of the project.

It may be that the best thing we can do is to hand over a wad of cash.  So be it.  But if we can make a meaningful contribution, share knowledge or practical help, then the experience will be richer for all involved.

The expedition is led by an experienced guide, but the whole team works together to achieve the expedition objective.  On our journey, we may have to overcome unexpected challenges and hardships.  The location will be remote, often far from help.  We will probably be self-sufficient at times.  We will take risks, and we will be challenged, physically and mentally.  But, the reward is an opportunity to explore places rarely seen by others; to engage positively with local people; to give something back to the people and places we visit; and to take away incredible, life-long memories.

Why Nicaragua? Why Rio Coco? 

Very few places in the world offer the diversity and beauty that can be found in Central America.  A medley of ancient history, beautiful jungles, incredible volcanoes, rich colonial cities, sandy Caribbean beaches, Latin music and dance.  It’s an explosion of culture, of colour, of vitality.  It is also a place of conflict and of great suffering.  From the European conquests to the civil wars of the last 50 years to the present-day gang violence, drug trafficking, prostitution, modern slavery.  Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (after Haiti) and most of that poverty can be found in rural areas.  In Nicaragua, the rural poor face many constraints including physical isolation, lack of education, and limited healthcare. 

The Rio Coco is certainly remote.  It passes through the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve, the 3rd largest forest reserve in the world.  It is home to the Mayangna and Miskito indigenous peoples.  The forest is a vast natural resource, but it is threatened by deforestation which is largely driven by internal migration of poor peasant farmers.  Nicaragua faces a clear challenge to both meet the needs of its growing population and to protect its indigenous communities. 

Our Nicaragua expedition team will have the opportunity to explore the natural and cultural beauty of this incredible country.  We will support local projects and have a positive impact on the places we visit.

We are currently finalising the plans for this unique trip.  Register for updates below and we will keep you posted with the details.


Robin Willmott RobinWillmott Expedition Guide Robin is an International Mountain Leader and director of inversion. He has led expeditions in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. He is a natural explorer, inquisitive and interested in the amazing diversity of peoples and places across the globe. When he is not halfway up a mountain or cutting his way through deep jungle, Robin can be found navigating the inland waterways of the UK on his bright yellow narrowboat, Goldilocks.